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Selected Works

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, (Study IX), 2015

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, (Study IX), 2015 | Photo by Julien Gremaud

Albrecht Schnider, Landscape XII, 2011/12

Albrecht Schnider, Landscape XII, 2011/12 | Photo by Julien Gremaud

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, (Study VI), 2015

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, (Study VI), 2015 | Photo by Julien Gremaud

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, 2013

Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, 2013 | Photo by Julien Gremaud

Albrecht Schnider, Fünf, 2014

Albrecht Schnider, Fünf, 2014 | Photo by Julien Gremaud

Press Release

The landscapes appear as if they were the first (and the last?) pictures. Pictures that keep coming back a whole life long. Green in front and blue in back. Above them: nothing - a thin white sky. Is the sky part of the landscape? Is it part of the picture? 'I don't paint a landscape from the outside but only a picture that looks like the landscape', Albrecht Schnider says. So: landscape as landscape, as type. A nonexistent landscape - except that some of Schnider's landscapes could not be more typical. Prototypical model landscapes. Universal landscapes. Ideal landscapes.

Excerpt from the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition Albrecht Schnider - at the Helmhaus Zurich (26 September to 16 November 2014), author Simon Maurer, translated by Catherine Schelbert.