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Selected Works

Image © Albrecht Schnider Studio

Image © Albrecht Schnider Studio

Untitled, 1999 / 2000, Oil on canvas

Untitled, 1999 / 2000

Oil on canvas

120 x 84 cm

Albrecht Schnider, RE-VIEW: Work from the Late Nineties. , Installation View

Albrecht Schnider, RE-VIEW: Work from the Late Nineties. 

Installation View

Press Release

From the 26th of July to the 10th of September, Marc Jancou Contemporary presents the solo show of Albrecht Schnider, RE-VIEW: Work from the Late Nineties. 

Comprising of one larger oil painting on canvas and five smaller acrylic works on paper, the selection of works on show at The Saanen Vitrine focuses on a specific moment within Albrecht Schnider’s practice dedicated to his abstract works of the late nineties, composed of painted lines of different widths, which meet, overlap and intersect, drawing as much attention to themselves as to the rectangular picture plane and beyond. 

The works on show and the lines which make them up, reminiscent of branches and roots, tubes or cables which form broader networks, all give the impression they could be part of a larger composition on which the viewer has zoomed in. As Peter Stohler has noted, these works might have “…originated in the smaller details, like the stylised twigs and cloud formations found on the periphery of Schnider’s compositions of his earlier figure paintings which seem to have gradually come centre-stage.” (2006) Toying with both our viewpoint and sense of perspective, and painted to the end of their surfaces, whether the canvas or different papers, the forms in this grouping of works seem to continue far beyond the limits of their respective supports and as such playfully refuse to be identified as one thing or the other. At the same time, the omnipresent use of the line references the practice of drawing and points to its centrality not only within this body of work, which Stephan Kunz has described as characterised by a “drawing mentality” (1999), but also across the entirety of Schnider’s practice, where like the lines that are the protagonists of his works, painting and drawing merge. 


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*Galerie Bob Van Orsouw. (1999). Albrecht Schnider [Press release].


The exhibition is on view 24/7 from Saanen train station’s platform and waiting room or by appointment on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  

For additional information or appointments to visit the show please contact us at


The Saanen Vitrine, Saanen train station, 3792, Switzerland