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Carrol Dunham (b.1949, New Haven, Connecticut, USA) is a painter and printmaker. He graduated from Trinity College, Connecticut in 1972, now living and working in New York City, NY. 

Working in between the realms of abstraction and figuration, he borrows from the visual language of graffiti, cartoons, pop art, concocting his own unique stylization of the human figure, nature and sexuality. Dunham is known for his sexually grotesque imagery creating erotic, colourful biomorphic forms and using recurring motifs of waves, mounds, genitalia, teeth, and tongues. His work playfully and crudely examines painting tropes and traditions, stating in an interview with Cultured Mag, ‘‘I’m very interested in this point where so-called Art History, Fine Art tradition and one’s actual inner life rub up against each other.’’