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Paolo Colombo (b.1949 in Turin, Italy) is an artist and curator living and working in Athens, Greece. Colombo received a degree in languages and literature from the University of Rome in 1975.

His art practice grew in parallel with his writing, incorporating text into his works on paper and carrying the evocative visuals of his poetry into his artwork. The formative years of his painting and drawing practice were self-taught, exploring simple principles of line, form and colour. In the 1980s, he moved into a more illustrative practice drawing from personal experience and using motifs of hands, animals and figures. From 1986, he went on to have a career as a Curator in museums in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey. In 2014 Colombo has his first exhibition after many years in Athens. His recent work has a clear visual continuity with his early art practice.