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The Culturgest Foundation of Lisbon, Portugal is now showing work by artist Dorota Jurczak. The enigmatically titled ~.{ }.~  features engravings, sculpture and painting from the past decade. Jurczak's work is rooted in the folk tradition, with delicate figuration that captures the warmth of mythology, and an undercurrent of the mysterious and macabre found in the likes of puppet shows and gothic fairytales.  As Ana Teixero Pinto wrote in a review of a previous Jurczak show, "folk tales also often revolve around an interdiction (“don’t go there”/ “don’t open that door”), which is always meant to be broken," and Poland-born Dorota Jurczak breaks through categorization, genre, and the coldness of Eastern Bloc modernism which her work subtly pushes againt.


~.{ }.~ opened at Culturgest on July 1st. It is running July 2 - October 2, 2016. Click here for more information.