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Jay Kvapil's vessels are on view at Lefebvre & Fils, Paris with the exhibition Jay Kvapil: Luna. Kvapil is a master of the form whereby he unites color and form for dramatic effect.
His sculptures are objects of great rigor and precision borne of tradition and experimentation. Forms take shape by use of "crater glazing", a technique developed by groundbreaking Viennese potters Gertrud and Otto Natzler and exemplified to perfection by Kvapil. Many artists today continue to be inspired by this technique, including Tony Marsh and Sterling Ruby. Kvapil couples his bold glazing with delicate modelling techniques he learned from his apprenticeship with Takatori Seizan Pottery (Japan, 1974-5). 
An artist booklet accompanies the exhibition, Jay Kvapil: Luna (Herman Hülsenberg Studio, 2016). Essay by Christopher Miles.
March 30 - May 21, 2016
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