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Mike Kelley, Kandors

© Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts

MIKE KELLEY, Ghost and Spirit, an exhibition organized by the Tate Modern in London in collaboration with the Pinault Collection in Paris, K21 – Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, will open October 13, 2023, in Paris, before traveling to the other venues.

Ghost and Spirit at the Bourse de Commerce presents a sequence of different bodies of work and immersive environments created by the artist, including the spectacular Kandors Full Set, a collection of sculptures focusing on the fictional city of Kandor from the Superman comics series. Spanning Kelley’s entire career, the exhibition also features his breakthrough 'craft' sculptures made from textile and plush toys through to his multi-media installations such as Day Is Done. The exhibition will also present the “Minor Histories” of Kelley’s practice, as he called them: drawings, photographs, and preparatory writings that shed light on his thought process.

A catalogue in French will accompany the exhibition at the Bourse de Commerce and is published jointly by the Pinault Collection and Editions Dilecta. Edited by Catherine Wood, Fiontan Moran, and Jean-Marie Gallais, it includes contributions from art historians and artists on Kelley’s work. With essays by Catherine Wood, Marie de Brugerolles, Hendrik Folkerts, Jean-Marie Gallais, Jack Halberstam, Suzanne Lacy in conversation with Glenn Phillips, Laura Lopez Panigua, Fiontan Moran, Cauleen Smith, and John C. Welchman. An English language catalogue will be published by Tate Modern at a later date.

Visit the Bourse de Commerce, Pinault Collection's website for more information on their presentation.