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Otto Meyer-Amden: Das Frühwerk - Publisher: Scheidigger & Spiess, ZURICH - Publications - Marc Jancou


Otto Meyer-Amden: Das Frühwerk


Otto Meyer-Amden (1885-1933) is among the pioneers of modern art in Switzerland. But his work to the general public is still poorly understood. For the first time is now devoted to a monograph comprehensively the early work of the artist. It begins with the first surviving works from the years of wandering in Zurich, Munich, Strasbourg, followed by works from the period of study in the class of Adolf Hölzel at the Stuttgart Academy, where Meyer became friends with Oskar Schlemmer and Willi Baumeister. In Stuttgart Meyer produced his first major work, the gardener image; Here he found on walks also the motives that he processed in seemingly spontaneous oil paintings on paper - riders, tennis and football players. The end of 1912 Meyer moved to the village of Amden above the Walensee, where he lived until 1928. Inspired by the new environment he painted landscape motifs and figures first before started a new chapter of his work with the enigmatic pencil drawings. Dieter Schwarz, Christian Klemm and Elisa Tamaschke make in their lyrics the artistic self-discovery of the painter first traceable.


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