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Crystallization of Scenic Landscapes: The Paintings of Kazuyuki Takezaki

The following text is an excerpt from Motoaki Hori’s essay "Crystallization of Scenic Landscapes: The Paintings of Kazuyuki Takezaki" published in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition of Kazuyuki Takezaki organized by Marc Jancou Contemporary at the Saanen Vitrine, Switzerland in the spring of 2023. 

"...Among the works presented, three series —“Orange,” “Board/Table” and “Double Negative” — were all made after Takezaki settled in Marugame in 2018. As there are no high mountains to the west of Marugame, and humidity is relatively high in the city, the sky often turns stunning orange in the early evening. The “Orange” series is derived from such scenery. For the “Board/Table” series, the artist started by painting the top and bottom sections of the board in black and white, before stretching canvas over the center. He then alternately paints the top and bottom parts of the canvas, as if he is playing a game. This is mainly done with crayons, as the works require speed and improvisation."

The full text can be found in the exhibition catalogue which can be ordered at