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Roe Ethridge (b.1969, Miami, Florida, USA) is a commercial and fine art photographer, living and working in New York City, NY. He received his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art (1995). 

Etheridge explores the plasticity of photography, how images can be repeated and recontextualised to create a new visual experience. Using already published images, such as outtakes from his own commercial work and tear sheets from retail catalogues, as the subject matter for his Installations, photographic books and large-format prints. His images refuse to conform to a single narrative, juxtaposing; banal, personal, sometimes tender, sometimes bleak, like the images of rotting leftovers, with the glamour of his editorial images. “A sequence has to sing. It’s not just something to decode and find the true meaning of. I have to feel its harmonies and disharmonies.” - Roe Ethridge