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Carter (b.1970 Norwich, Connecticut, USA) is a multidisciplinary, conceptual artist and film director. Carter received his BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art (1992) and his MFA from the University of California, Davis (1997). Lives and works in New York City, New York. 


Carter’s work can be described as a multi-media investigation into the shifting nature of the self. Gaining critical recognition in the past decade with his “anonymous” busts and films such as Erased James Franco (2008), Carter is conceptually preoccupied with issues of identity, specifically the power and possibility of anonymity. In his own words: “Anonymity is useful in that it allows you to explore/be/try/risk/portray different facets of one’s life and interests without being fully responsible for the outcome.” His works are sensually belaboured with painting and drawing, paper and fabric, textured canvases present poetic compositions that hover between abstraction and figuration, resulting in an evocative, atmospheric aesthetic realm where faces and forms coalesce into a vision at once familiar and strange. Through Carter’s lens, the current human condition – fleeting, transient, multivalent – is profoundly legible.